January 13

Marketing is Like Dating

Marketing Tips


You don’t meet someone and go directly to “let’s have children together”. You start slow.

“Hi, I’m Ryan. I noticed your Altra shoes, are you a runner?”

Before long you move up to, “Hey, do you want to grab some lunch?”

Over time it progresses to, “There’s a concern Friday. Would you like to go with me?” and then “Can I see you again?”

Holding hands. Goodnight kiss. Cuddling. Steady dating. Engagement. Marriage. Kids. Soccer games.

You get the idea.

Marketing is no different (though many people wish it were). Many marketers go straight from “Those are cool shoes.” to “Baby come over here and sign up for this tennis vacation for just $1999.”

No wonder the world hates “marketing”.

Instead, take a slower approach. “You like running? Do you prefer roads or trails? What’s your favorite distance?” “What’s your opinion of Hokas? Etc.


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